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“I am so pleased with my dealings with John Lewman. What prompted me to do this review, is that he consistently exceeds my expectations on his responsiveness. I have such trust in him because of this, and also the comprehensive way he answers my questions. He is patient and I’m never left feeling “rushed off” like with some other lawyers. The legal documentation he produces also exceeds my expectations. He’s on top of it, and knows what he’s doing. I’m extremely happy to have him as a resource, and I encourage others to seek out his services. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, John, for everything.”

– Lea P., Client, Danville, California

“I highly recommend John Lewman, Attorney at Law, for any type of legal need and advice. I had a particularly involved case involving personal trust distributions.  I did not know where to start. I was referred to Mr. Lewman who assisted me from beginning to end, took all my calls and responded immediately regardless of day/time.  He accurately assessed the situation, asked appropriate questions and within a short period of time, the trusts were set up to the letter of the law.  I shall refer all my clients, family and friends to him.  For my personal financial and legal matters, I will be returning to Lewman Law.”

–  Mike F., Client, Pleasanton,CA

“I had multiple legal issues needing to be resolved…John’s diversity and understanding of law was a key part in reaching settlements and resolving my legal problems. During both of my cases in front of two different judges it was apparent that John was well known and respected by colleagues and peers. One of the judges tells me I have a good lawyer. Not only is John a good lawyer but he is also a very good litigator. I would recommend Lewman Law, and John Lewman to friends and family.”

– David V. Client


Lewman Law APC can help you with any disputes concerning a will or trust. If you feel that a will has not been executed correctly we can help guide, represent, and counsel you through the process. We will put together a litigation strategy, consult you with the process, and execute it in an effort to get you the best results.


After an individual passes, the process of distributing their assets to their loved ones, paying their bills and taxes must be performed by an authorized representative. If the individual’s assets were held in trust, the trustee can proceed without court oversight. If there is a Will or no Will in existence at the time of the death, the required steps for administering the estate will likely require filing a Probate Petition in Superior Court.

Whether trustee of a trust administration or executor of a probate proceeding, the tasks can be complicated and confusing. The law requires specific tasks be performed in a timely manner. A trustee or executor’s has a very high “fiduciary” duty to the beneficiaries of the estate. Having the assistance of Lewman Law, APC can help one avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Lewman Law, APC can also assist individuals with litigation related to undue influence issues, elder abuse or improper estate administration. It is always the goal at Lewman Law, APC to limit exposure to appearing in court, however; sometimes the circumstances dictate that the resolution of a dispute will require court proceedings. Lewman Law, APC can assist those who are accused of wrongdoing and was well as those who feel they are the victims of improper behavior.


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